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Some historical insights into a few roads in our area.

HIGHCROWN STREET / MEWS, Portswood was just Crown Street on old maps. Maybe it was changed to avoid confusion with Crown Street in Shirley?
HIGHFIELD AVENUE / HIGHFIELD LANE. The name Highfield presumably indicates this was the most elevated of Portswood’s common fields. In 19th-century directories, the name was applied to the houses on the east side of the Common, towards the north end. Highfield Lane (Picture 1) runs from Portswood Road to the Common. It is a traditional way, presumably used by the Portswood inhabitants in exercising their rights of common pasture. In the 19th century, the stretch north-west of Church Lane was called Church Road.
HIGHFIELD ROAD runs alongside the Avenue, and originally to Highfield Farm.
HIGHFIELD CLOSE / HIGHFIELD CRESCENT, are later developments, taking their name from the area.
HILL COTTAGE GARDENS, Bitterne Park. I suppose there must have been a Hill Cottage here, but it’s not marked on any maps I’ve seen!