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Southampton has signed up to the Safe Places National Network – there are safe places in Portswood

Most information taken from Southampton City Council ‘City News’

Keep safe with Safe Places

Southampton City Council has signed up to the Safe Places National Network, which offers a Safe Place for people whilst out in public.

A Safe Place can be any type of premises, including shops, cafés or buildings that can be accessed by the public. They act as a temporary refuge for adults and young people who may feel scared, lost, threatened or at risk and in need of support.

You can find a Safe Place by:

  • Looking for a Safe Places logo sticker in the shop window or door
  • Searching on the Safe Places map 
  • Or by downloading the free Safe Places app on the App Store or Google Play

There are some safe places in Portswood eg Waitrose, KFC and the Post Office – see the Safe Places map, but also October Books has recently signed up as part of the safe space network.

Find out more about the Safe Places Scheme here: https://www.safeplaces.org.uk/ or email the team to register as a member.