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S’ton North Neighbourhood Policing Team on Facebook for questions and answers: Friday 12th March, 13.30 to 14.30

Get your questions ready!
The Southampton North Neighbourhood Team are holding a comments questions and answers session this Friday between 1330-1430. This is a great opportunity for you to ask us via the comments section any questions you may have.
PCSO WALKER & PCSO BANFIELD will be standing by between the hours ready to answer any of your questions. If we are unable to answer any of the questions leave them with us and we will seek the answers and get back regarding those we have unanswered.
The types of questions we will be there for will be-
Crime Prevention advice
Neighbourhood type issues
Low level Crime concerns / Please don’t report crime via Southampton Cops, please report online or 101 / 999
ASB Matters
Safeguarding Advice
Police Priorities updates
Any other Neighbourhood Policing matters🚓
We look forward from hearing from you this Friday afternoon , there will be a post around the time advertising we are here for questions.😁.
Regards PCSO 17932.