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Thieves remove catalytic converter from car outside Highfield Church and more thefts in Brookvale Road

We have received the following reports:
Theft of catalytic converter: a man who lives opposite Highfield Church started his car on Dec 2 and the engine sounded unusually loud, like an open exhaust. He discovered that his catalytic converter had been neatly cut away by thieves during the night. The car was on his drive. He also noticed marks on his driveway which corresponded with those of a trolley jack. Apparently, this sort of theft is not uncommon because the platinum contained within the converter gives it considerable scrap value. Replacement costs are of the order of £350. Beware that thieves are now targeting catalytic converters so, if you have a garage, the advice is to park your car in it wherever possible.
Thefts in Brookvale Road: Two families have reported recent thefts in Brookvale Road. A new petrol strimmer  was stolen from a locked shed and two bikes were stolen from the garage, probably last Thursday night. Additionally on another property, the garage doors were broken open, probably last Sunday night.
It appears as though our area is being targeted, probably in the run up to Christmas. Please do inform the Police to get a crime number which is necessary for any Insurance claims, and also to encourage them to take this more seriously.
The Police locally have mentioned that the amount of support that we get from them is based on the amount of reported crime. It is clear that we need to ensure that everything is reported.
Please be vigilant for yourselves and your neighbours, especially if they are away.