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This is an Important message from Councillor John Savage about glass collections (dated 26/10/21)

Apologies for the length of this message. It is copied from an email sent from city services team.
A combination of the national LGV/HGV driver shortage and staff sickness has meant that we are again temporarily below our full complement of Waste drivers.
As before, in order to ensure that perishable waste is collected on time, we have taken the operational decision to cancel glass collections this week. Residents should bring their glass boxes back in for now, but leave them visible if possible. This message will be communicated today.
Catch-up rounds are being planned for this Saturday and details will be communicated shortly. We are of course keeping a log of missed collections and if we are still short on the next cycle, then we will move drivers to collect from the patches that are missed this week.
We are mindful that some areas went without glass collections for excessively long periods in the late summer, and will do everything we can to ensure that delays are minimised.
Cllr John Savage