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Useful crime prevention advice from Southampton Cops on thefts from parked vehicles

There have been a number of thefts or attempted thefts from parked vehicles in the area that we have been made aware of. This is very useful crime prevention advice from Southampton Cops on measures people can take.
Please read and note some useful Crime Prevention in regards to Theft from Vehicles. We seem to be having an increase in Theft from parked vehicles in the Southampton North area.
There are measures you can take to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim yourself, such as:
• When you leave your vehicle make sure the doors of your vehicle are locked and the windows
and sunroof are shut, no matter how hot the weather is.
• If possible, park your vehicle in a busy area. If you have a garage, use it.
• Do not leave anything in your vehicle, including the boot. A jacket or coat left behind may be of
very little value to you, but a thief may think it has been used to hide a laptop or handbag and
will break into your vehicle to find out.
• If you have a removable music system, take it with you.
• Make sure you do not leave documents which have your name on in your vehicle.
• Do not leave your sat-nav in your vehicle and don’t forget to remove the cradle and wipe the
suction marks from your windscreen.
Hope this advice helps 🚓 😁.