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Warning to residents in and around our area – beware of 2 youths selling household products!

We have received Reports from representatives from three different areas of Highfield in the HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp Group for Highfield, about 2 youths knocking on doors trying to sell household products.
The young men claimed to be on a rehabilitation scheme and used intimidating behaviour with people who refused to buy anything. One person paid £10 for a bottle of cleaner. They have been caught on Ring door bell cameras with sound and also reported to the Police.
The Police have advised that these are not legitimate salesmen as the legitimate ones have ID. They have advised that residents do not part with cash and to report these men to the Police. This can be done either by telephoning 101 or by submitting a report using the Police online portal: https://www.police.uk/…/contac…/report-a-crime-incident/
The Group’s Co-ordinator says that when reporting to the Police, you may be directed to report to Action Fraud instead. Here is the Action Fraud website and page about doorstep fraud: