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Worrying report from Oakmount Triangle: 1 June 2022

Around 9.20 am on Wednesday, 1 June 2022, two men in a white flat-bed lorry with a grey Kendrick Fencing Ltd Logo on the sides and scrap metal items in the back, stopped outside a house in Oakmount Triangle. One man got out and walked up the side path towards the back of the house. One of the owners banged on the window to tell him to go away and took a photo. The man started getting abusive. The lorry drove off with a guy hanging out of the window saying ‘You are going to regret that mate, you are going to regret that”.  The truck returned after a few minutes and stopped outside the house, and they continued with their verbal threats.

Registration no of the truck: HN10 YYD. The incident was reported to the Police who said they should phone 999 if  they return.

The lorry was also spotted turning into Omdurman Road from Highfield Lane earlier on in the day.