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The Daily Echo is asking – Would you like to see the Balloon and Flower Festival / Southampton Show return?

The Daily Echo is asking if you would like to see the Southampton Show return and is conducting a reader poll (see below). This was a 3-day event held on Southampton Common; the history of which is below.
In 1947, the annual Southampton Horticultural Show and fete began being held on Southampton Common. In 1952 it was renamed the Southampton Show. In 1988, the show transitioned into the Balloon & Flower Festival and it will be remembered by all those massive air balloons floating above our houses! The Balloon and Flower Festival ceased after 2005.
Perhaps it would also be useful to know why the decision was taken to stop the Balloon and Flower Festival……. was it too expensive to run, did the attendance decline, was the Common used for other events instead? etc etc.
PHOTOS: Southampton show – would you like to see it return?
PHOTOS: Southampton show – would you like to see it return?
IT was the local must-see annual event and a weekend marked on the calendars of most of the city’s residents.