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Your City Your Say. Southampton City Vision – the Local Plan: Development principles

Development Principles


The Local Plan provides policies to deliver the amount of development needed and ensure that it is in the right place. It is also important that development is well designed, taking account of its context and shaped by its location including its maritime setting; accessible to all and sustainable.

This chapter includes the following policies:

  • DE1 Placemaking and Quality of Development
  • DE2 City Centre Streets and Spaces
  • DE3 Tall Buildings
  • DE4 Waterfront
  • DE5 Accessible and Inclusive Design
  • DE6 Housing Standards
  • DE7 Energy and Net Zero Carbon Buildings
  • DE8 Sustainable Design of New Development
  • DE9 Waste and the Circular Economy
  • DE10 Shopfronts, Signage and Advertisements
  • DE11 Parking
  • DE12 Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
  • DE13 Southampton International Airport