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Welcome to Highfield, a charming, leafy suburb of Southampton. Highfield is set in the middle of the University belt, steeped in academia, and flanked by Southampton Common on one side, and Portswood on the other.


  • Philadelphus (Mock Orange) in Ian and Gill Morse's front garden, Highfield, June 2018.
  • Orchards Way by Rochelle, May 2018


The Highfield Residents’ Association is an active group of local residents and their families who seek to protect and preserve their environment and support their neighbours. We always welcome new members. You can join by clicking on the “Join us” leaf above and paying the annual subscription of £5.00.

If you wish to contact the HRA Secretary, you can email her on: Alternatively, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ leaf above or email: for general enquiries or information.

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Vice Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 13th August 2018

* Members attending – Adrian Vinson, Adrian Ford, Nick Bacon, Stephen Connolly, Steve Johnson, Jerry Gillen & Dr James Burgess; in attendance Jon Walsh, University

* Apologies – Cllr Mathew Claisse, Jill Baston, Nicolla Martin, Nadine Johnson, Tom O’Connor

* The Chair welcomed Dr James Burgess as a new member to the area and accepted his offer to join the committee. He reminded members to register their cars at reception to avoid being issued with a penalty ticket. (everyone bare in mind for future meetings)

* There were no Matters Arising.

* University – Jon Walsh gave his usual comprehensive report on current activities, a copy of which is attached to this report.

* Hawthorns – the Chair gave a report on the first meeting of the Hawthorns group of the Common Forum, held at the Hawthorns on Monday 6th August. An initial program of works for tidying up and improving the entrance and courtyard to the Hawthorns was recommended and unanimously agreed by all those present. A copy of the minutes are attached to this report.

* Finances – the Treasurer reported that finances are healthy and that he had made an application to the Council’s Community Chest for a contribution towards our operating costs. There was an outstanding query over our last invoice from Kings Chambers which he and the Chair were dealing with. Adrian reminded members that he needed to stand down from his current duties and we are therefore now looking for a new Treasurer again. The Chair also reiterated the need to fund raise for our Contingency fund.

* Membership – Nicolla is away but the figure remains constant at circa 480 households.

* Planning – Jill had reported there were no household applications of concern although one has since been raised by PRG (8, Brookvale Rd) concerning an outbuilding extension and they have asked us to lodge an objection. However, of major concern, we have just learnt: The Council’s Highways Dept intend to bring forward an application to widen Lovers Walk for use as a cycle route. This is entirely contrary to the policy of The Common Forum at the present time and it appears there has been no liaison between the Highways and Environment Depts on the matter?! (post meeting note: JG has reported to Roger Brown who will follow up with Cllr Kour)

* AOB – there was discussion over the current Council Clean Air Consultation which everyone is encouraged to participate in, although there seemed uncertainty as to the worst cause. The general view was that traffic was probably a major contributor, plus the docks. The Chair reported that he had been threatened with physical assault in Alma Rd by one of our local “serial Planning offenders”: this has also been experienced by members of OARA, the area in question, and has now been reported to the Police.

* Police – The Chair made the point that we no longer appeared to have a community link or enjoy attendance by the Police at our meetings, as used to be the case. He has taken this up with the OARA area PCSO who has agreed to pass this on in the hope of re-establishing this.

* Date of next meeting – will be Monday 10th September (Adrian Vinson gave his apologies in advance).

Jerry Gillen, Vice Chair.


Vice Chair’s Report of HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 9th July 2018

* The Chair welcomed visitors from East Bassett RA (EBRA) and reps from The Students Union and University

* There were no matters arising not covered later.

* University – the University Estates Dept gave an hour long presentation of the proposed major developments and improvements to be made to Highfield Campus. This was followed by a Q&A session, more details of which will be in the minutes. This was followed by Jon Walsh and the SU reps raising matters of normal domestic concern

* Finance – finances were reported as healthy although the Chair again emphasised the need to top up our Contingency fund.

* Planning – reference was made to the application before the Planning Panel the following night for 18 Grosvenor Rd, at which HRA would not be formally attending, given it’s previous representations. Elina from Granby Grove reported on the amended plans for an extension adjacent to her property and accepted the slight improvement. There was discussion on the recent emails received from the Head of Planning and the Association’s Barrister in relation to a number of long outstanding planning issues both in the HRA and adjacent RA areas. It was reported that robust action was now being taken in every case and the committee welcomed the apparent thaw in relations between the Association and the Planning Dept. Roger Brown paid tribute to the efforts of all involved and gave particular thanks to Cllr Savage for his recent assistance, as with Michael Rudd of Kings Chambers. The issue of more properties being converted to the Airbnb format for letting was again raised and the Chair reported he would be in contact with Gavin Grayer of Enforcement over the matter. The Council’s current position seemed to be that there was no need for any action. JG would also be following this up with both the DCLG and NORA. There was a question over the LA’s latest position on the Lovers Walk application. G Linneker of SCAPPS stated that it should be withdrawn, rather than simply left in abeyance.

* AOB – there was no other business of note.

Jerry Gillen, Vice-Chair













  • Highfield from the air. Taken by Paul Godfrey, May 2017, from the first of the Trislander farewell flights.
  • Spotted in Oakmount Avenue, May 2018: the Flowerpot men!
  • 42nd HRA AGM 19 April 2018
  • 'Welcome to Highfield' sign. Nadine Johnson, 1st March 2018
  • Abbots Way. Nadine Johnson, 1st March 2018
  • Portswood. Nadine Johnson, 1st March 2018
  • Little Common. Nadine Johnson, 2nd March 2018
  • Little Common. Nadine Johnson, 2nd March 2018
  • The Play Park. Ian Morse, Early March 2018
  • Crofton Close. Ian Morse, Early March 2018
  • The Common. Ian Morse, Early March 2018
  • Little Common. Ian Morse, Early March 2018
  • Building an igloo on the Common. Ian Morse, Early March 2018
  • Winter stroll on The Common by Steve Brown
  • Southampton Common - near the underpass. By Caroline Brown.
  • Xmas lights on campus, Nadine Johnson 2017
  • Furzedown Road, Highfield in the snow. Photo taken in the 1980s or 1990s, by Sue Allan.
  • Francis Benali opens new Play-park on Southampotn Common, 22nd October 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • Professor Roger Brown (left), Retiring HRA Chair and Professor Peter Johnson, Centre for Cancer Immunology, AGM 20/4/2017, (photo Alison Shelly).
  • The Common Ornamental Lake, courtesy of Simon Hill, Southampton Common Forum, Jan 2017
  • Courtesy of Nuha Alsaeed, 14/10/16
    Highfield Campus ducks. Autumn is officially here!
  • Photo by Faye Spencer
    mallard ducks lined up in the sun on the Common, July 2016.
  • Photo by Alison Shelly, Sept/Oct 2016
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