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Welcome to Highfield, a charming, leafy suburb of Southampton. Highfield is set in the middle of the University belt, steeped in academia, and flanked by Southampton Common on one side, and Portswood on the other.

The Highfield Residents’ Association is an active group of local residents and their families who seek to protect and preserve their environment and support their neighbours. We always welcome new members. You can join by clicking on the “Join us” leaf above and paying the annual subscription of £5.00.

If you wish to contact the HRA Secretary, you can email her on: Alternatively, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ leaf above.

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Vice-Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 14th August 2017

The August meeting was convened because of the number of current contentious issues outstanding…

  • The Chair welcomed those attending, including Adrian Pickering of Hilldown Rd, who had agreed to attend a few meetings with a view to being considered for joining the committee. Cllrs Claisse and O’Neil were also present.
  • University – Jon Walsh gave an update on current activities. “The Steps” were in the Appeal process and there was to be further discussion regarding the proposed extinguishment of the ROW over Salisbury Rd.
  • Meeting with Sam Fox, HoP – The Chair gave a report following circulation of his minutes of that meeting which were, to use the euphemism, best described as being “full and frank”! A large number of outstanding questions remained unanswered (attached below)  and as Mr Fox was now away until the end of August, this was felt to be a good opportunity to involve Richard Crouch, the Director responsible for Planning.  Cllr O’Neil undertook to follow this up.  It was suggested the Chair should contact other RAs for additional support in this regard.
  • Finance – in the absence of the Treasurer there were no detailed accounts available but it was confirmed we were solvent and still had money in the Contingency fund. Discussion took place on how best to replenish the Contingency fund and to set a higher amount for future potential needs.  This matter was deferred for fuller discussion at the September meeting, when it was hoped there would be more Committee members present.  It was further suggested we should look again at organising Social events in the interests of community involvement
  • Planning – there was a final review of the Judicial Review for 12 Russell Place and in spite of being unsuccessful it was felt the exercise had been justified and worthwhile and that some positives had come from it; not least putting the Council on notice for any future similar cases.  Reference was made to the Judge’s criticism of the Council’s handling of the case.  It was confirmed following a previous decision not to oppose the proposals for the Blockbuster site, that an objection had now been lodged, following requests to do so from members.  Adrian Pickering gave a report on the progress of the Hilldown Rd site, where work had now commenced, in spite of the last Planning refusal.  The question was, whether the applicant was now implementing the original permission for residential accommodation?  Adrian and the Chair had both contacted the Case Officer in that regard and Ward Councillors suggested a follow up with Planning or Enforcement accordingly.
  • Website – Nadine gave a report and referred to being unable to obtain any response from Coffee# for their ad. She also asked that she be copied in to all planning objections for inclusion on the Planning page.
  • Committee structure – the Chair emphasised we were two key Officers short (Chair and Treasurer) as well as at least one committee member and that he was finding all the additional workload increasingly burdensome and stressful.
  • AOB – the Secretary gave details of queries raised by PCRA regarding a Residents Parking scheme and 20 MPH speed limits for residential areas. It was felt with Council resources as they are neither were likely to gain any traction at the present time.
  • Date of next meeting – Monday 11th September

Outstanding questions for Planning Dept

8 Westridge Rd –

  • why was Enforcement not carried out as agreed at the time in both January 2013 and again later in January 2016?
  • why was false information provided by the applicant in seeking an LDC accepted at face value and not verified, following contrary evidence provided by local residents?
  • In spite of the foregoing, why was a further retrospective planning application then facilitated in November 16?  (notwithstanding it’s withdrawal on the night)
  • Why was this whole process not dealt with under Sec 70 of the 2011 Localism Act, which could have ended the matter?
  • What action is now going to be taken following our meeting today?

Outstanding LDC applications

  • 8 Westridge (as above), 44 Bassett Ave & 14 Pansey Rd

Outstanding Enforcements

  • 28 Brookvale Rd, 5 Crofton Close, 8 Westridge Rd, 44 Bassett Ave

Localism Act 2011

  • SF agreed to see if SCC is using Section 70 of the Localism Act correctly or even effectively and if not why not, based on the letter provided from the Housing Minister to JG.

Planning applications

  • 5 Crofton Close – why was a recent Planning application facilitated rather than being disposed of under Sec 70 of the Loc’ Act 2011?  Why was the outstanding Enforcement not dealt with expeditiously and further, why was the Enforcement Officer apparently assisting the Applicant with a revised application, rather than carrying out the long outstanding Enforcement?
  • 14 Crofton Close – why was this application not brought to Panel as required following some 5 objections and a request from the Ward Cllr?  This was given permission under Delegated powers, to the extreme detriment of the adjoining property.  Can this permission now be rescinded and referred to Panel?
  • 8 Westridge – already referred to.
  • 12 Russell Place – in spite of losing this recent Judicial Review and following the Judge’s comments that he felt… there was something uncomfortable in the approach of the Council and that… many other decision makers might have taken a contrary approach and assessment… one is bound to ask therefore, why the Officer was so adamant in her recommendation to Panel when the material harm now caused to the neighbouring property’s living room/dining room is so obvious?
  • ‘Builders Yard’,  Hilldown Rd – whilst this application has been refused, clarification is sought over the technicality concerning change of Use,  B8/C3/4?  Concern was also expressed about the role of Cllr Burke from another Ward in supporting this application.

Jerry Gillen, Vice-Chair

Vice-Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 10th July 2017

  • The Chair reported he had regretfully just received the resignation from the Committee of John Bradshaw and also just been informed of a change of ownership of the Highfield House Hotel to Ashley Hotels. He also stated the need to conclude the General meeting asap as there was a major item to discuss under Reserved business.
  • There were no Matter Arising from the previous Minutes
  • University Liaison – Jon Walsh gave an update on current matters, confirming the “Steps” had now gone to Appeal. He reported on an outstandingly successful University Open Day last Saturday.  Reference was made to Planning Conditions that had yet to be agreed between all parties re the border of Salisbury Road and The Common.  It was agreed he should contact Graham Linecar of SCAPPS again although he stated the application had reverted to it’s original Conditions.  A Member, Elena Vorobeva of Granby Grove, asked if anything could be done about late night noise caused by young people, presumed to be Students, returning home late at night.
  • Common Forum – in the absence of Simon Hill the Chair gave an overview of last week’s meeting of the recently formed Forum, reporting on a successful event and in particular the response by some thousand or so people to the Survey carried out to determine people’s use and ideas for the Common going forward.
  • Reports – Membership stands at a total of 508 households.  Planning it was agreed to refer a garage being built under PDRs in Grosvenor Rd to the Council as it appeared at two stories to be in excess of that permitted.  Jerry reported of cases in East Bassett where, similar to Westridge Rd, applications for LDCs are being made following being granted an HMO license without PP!  Website it was agreed that copies of planning objection letters to the City Council would be passed to Nadine for her to post on the Planning page of the website. Nadine also reported on the website and asked the Chair to follow up on the two most recent agreed advertisers.
  • AOB – Jerry reported on a most successful social event held at Woodstock House to recognise Roger Brown’s retirement as Chairman for the last eight years.
  • Date of next meeting – Monday 14th August 2017.

Jerry  Gillen, Vice-Chair


  • Professor Roger Brown (left), Retiring HRA Chair and Professor Peter Johnson, Centre for Cancer Immunology, AGM 20/4/2017, (photo Alison Shelly).
  • The Common Ornamental Lake, courtesy of Simon Hill, Southampton Common Forum, Jan 2017
  • Christmas on Campus. Courtesy of Nadine Johnson, 02/12/16
  • Autumn colours in Crofton Close. Courtesy of Nadine Johnson, 08/11/16
  • Courtesy of Nuha Alsaeed, 14/10/16
    Highfield Campus ducks. Autumn is officially here!
  • Photo by Faye Spencer
    mallard ducks lined up in the sun on the Common, July 2016.
  • Photo by Alison Shelly, Sept/Oct 2016
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • HRA Summer Paella Party July 1st 2016!
  • Gill Morse - photo competition winner (2015)
    Leaving the Residents’ Gardens after playgroup in the Pavilion in 1984.
  • Roger Van Dyck - runner up in photo competition (2015)
    Uplands Housing Estate
  • Clare Jackson - Highly commended in 2015 photo competition
    Highfield Church
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A garden retreat in Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunrise over Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Portswood rec on a foggy day
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • Gill Morse (2015)
    Blenheim Avenue 1984: The Morse family having fun in the snow
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Gardens
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Found on Southampton Common
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Southampton Common
  • Photo by Alison Leslie (2015)
    Rooftop view from Blenheim Gdns to Welbeck Ave - so green!
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Garden Pavilion
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A community at work (Seven Roads Group)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunset over Highfield (church spire on left)
  • Photos taken of Highfield from Highfield Church Spire, Autumn 2014
  • Photo by Simon Hill (2013/2014)
    Winter openness outside the University's Avenue Campus
  • Who needs the Serengeti?
    Heron on The Common, January 2014, Simon Hill
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