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Welcome to Highfield, a charming, leafy suburb of Southampton. Highfield is set in the middle of the University belt, steeped in academia, and flanked by Southampton Common on one side, and Portswood on the other.


Local Photographers and HRA Members: Caroline and Steven Brown!

  • Southampton Common - near the underpass. Love living so close to this place. So beautiful and quiet this time of day. By Caroline Brown
  • Winter stroll on The Common by Steve Brown


The Highfield Residents’ Association is an active group of local residents and their families who seek to protect and preserve their environment and support their neighbours. We always welcome new members. You can join by clicking on the “Join us” leaf above and paying the annual subscription of £5.00.

If you wish to contact the HRA Secretary, you can email her on: Alternatively, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ leaf above or email: for general enquiries or information.

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Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 12th February 2018


· The Chair opened the meeting by expressing his frustration at the lack of progress being made in finding a replacement Chairman and the lack of both a Secretary and Minute Sec. He thanked Nicolla Martin for agreeing to take tonight’s minutes. He welcomed Simon Fitzjohn as a representative of OARA.

· Minutes of the last meeting were taken as read and there were no matters arising, not being covered later.

· University liaison – Jon Walsh gave an update on Uni activities. JG raised the meeting arranged for this Thursday with Ian Dunn COO and agreed to contact Jean Wawman of EBRA to see if she would attend. Current HRA reps will be JG, SH and Graham Lineker of SCAPPS. JW will additionally be inviting Ward Councillors to attend.

· NORA – JG reported on his meeting with national delegates in Bath last week, a report of which is available upon request. The NORA AGM is on Thursday 1st March at The Friends House, Euston, as previously. We await confirmation of a Govt Minister’s attendance.

· Alma Rd development – Simon Fitzjohn gave a report on the unauthorised development taking place at 111 & 89 Alma Rd, the relevance to HRA being this is the same landlord where we have had problems at 28 Brookvale Rd and PCRA at 8 Westridge Rd, all of which still remain unresolved, after several years of unauthorised work or occupation.

· Reports – Finance: Adrian Ford, the new Treasurer, reported on his meeting with Marc Batchelor the outgoing Treasurer, who has now indicated a willingness to continue as the Association’s ‘Accountant’, with responsibility for preparing the annual accounts, but leaving Adrian to carry out the day to day functions and attending of meetings. There was considerable debate on the

benefits or otherwise of online banking and this is now on hold pending further investigation with the bank.

· Membership – Nicolla reported a total of 508 households, some 100 down on previous years. It will be interesting to see the effect of the next Newsletter on membership applications.

· Planning – there were two local applications of concern, an HMO application at 8 Blenheim Gardens and a large extension at 8 Highfield Crescent. Jill is dealing with both. JG raised the matter of local HMOs increasingly being converted to Airbnb type of accommodation, for which there appears to be no relevant legislation for control. SH pointed out that the previous ‘London rule’ of letting not being allowed for more than 90 days, had been abolished?

· Website – Nadine reported this was functioning satisfactorily. She went on to give an update on the next Newsletter advertising the AGM; deadline for printers is 16th Feb.

· AOB – JG asked Alison from Mayflower Court if she would like to come on the committee formally, which she is considering. JG was asked to write a letter of support to October Books who it was reported were making a bid to buy the old NatWest Bank Building.

The meeting closed at: 8.55 pm.

Jerry Gillen, Acting Chair

Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 8 January 2018

Acting Chair Jill Baston welcomed members to the first meeting of 2018.

Under matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting, Cllr O’Neill will follow up the Chair’s letter to the Planning Department in July. Cllr Savage will make enquiries about the Chair’s letter to the Leader of the Council. We will contact the council about enforcement on the illegal car sales in Brookvale Road/Portswood Road once the time limit for appeal has passed. Jill will enquire about the status of AirBNB lets now that the holiday period is over.

Jon Walsh from the University reported that the tendering for the work on the steps to the Common will shortly be completed. The steps will be closed at the end of February.

He had made enquiries about releasing the traffic survey undertaken on the service road but the University felt it would serve no useful purpose. The road belongs to the University; the survey recommended closure for safety reasons. Members and attendees expressed disappointment at the lack of transparency.

Under reports:

Adrian Ford, our new Treasurer, will meet with Mark in the next two weeks for handover. He will find out the cost of AGM flyers and continue setting up internet banking.

Nicolla Martin reported the membership database at 508, paid up at 348, and rolling (Jan 2018) at 16.

Planning – applications submitted for offices over the former Costa Coffee shop to be converted to 3 flats, and conversion of a conservatory at 27 Crofton Close to an extension.

Website – nothing to report.

Other matters discussed: the 4 member working party on the newsletter will report back at next meeting. There were several suggestions for a speaker at the AGM on 19 April. The committee was reminded of the need to find a new Chair.

The meeting ended at 8.25 pm.

Jill Baston, Acting Chair






  • Xmas lights on campus, Nadine Johnson 2017
  • Furzedown Road, Highfield in the snow. Photo taken in the 1980s or 1990s, by Sue Allan.
  • Francis Benali opens new Play-park on Southampotn Common, 22nd October 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • Professor Roger Brown (left), Retiring HRA Chair and Professor Peter Johnson, Centre for Cancer Immunology, AGM 20/4/2017, (photo Alison Shelly).
  • The Common Ornamental Lake, courtesy of Simon Hill, Southampton Common Forum, Jan 2017
  • Autumn colours in Crofton Close. Courtesy of Nadine Johnson, 08/11/16
  • Courtesy of Nuha Alsaeed, 14/10/16
    Highfield Campus ducks. Autumn is officially here!
  • Photo by Faye Spencer
    mallard ducks lined up in the sun on the Common, July 2016.
  • Photo by Alison Shelly, Sept/Oct 2016
  • Gill Morse - photo competition winner (2015)
    Leaving the Residents’ Gardens after playgroup in the Pavilion in 1984.
  • Roger Van Dyck - runner up in photo competition (2015)
    Uplands Housing Estate
  • Clare Jackson - Highly commended in 2015 photo competition
    Highfield Church
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A garden retreat in Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunrise over Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Portswood rec on a foggy day
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • Gill Morse (2015)
    Blenheim Avenue 1984: The Morse family having fun in the snow
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Gardens
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Found on Southampton Common
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Southampton Common
  • Photo by Alison Leslie (2015)
    Rooftop view from Blenheim Gdns to Welbeck Ave - so green!
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Garden Pavilion
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A community at work (Seven Roads Group)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunset over Highfield (church spire on left)
  • Photos taken of Highfield from Highfield Church Spire, Autumn 2014
  • Photo by Simon Hill (2013/2014)
    Winter openness outside the University's Avenue Campus
  • Who needs the Serengeti?
    Heron on The Common, January 2014, Simon Hill
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