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Welcome to Highfield, a charming, leafy suburb of Southampton. Highfield is set in the middle of the University belt, steeped in academia, and flanked by Southampton Common on one side, and Portswood on the other.


  • Christmas Lights on Highfield Campus, November 2017, taken by Nadine Johnson


The Highfield Residents’ Association is an active group of local residents and their families who seek to protect and preserve their environment and support their neighbours. We always welcome new members. You can join by clicking on the “Join us” leaf above and paying the annual subscription of £5.00.

If you wish to contact the HRA Secretary, you can email her on: Alternatively, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ leaf above or email: for general enquiries or information.

For HRA Newsletters, Committee Members, Agendas, Minutes, Blogs, the Constitution and other Local & National Residents Associations, see below.




Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 13th November 2017

· The Chair welcomed the Chair of OARA as well as a number of local resident members. There were some 20 persons attending in all.

· There were no matters arising from the last meeting beyond the fact we are still looking for both a new Chair and Treasurer

· University liaison – the Chair raised a number of issues with Jon Walsh the University representative where local residents and Associations felt the University were not being sufficiently mindful of residents concerns, which he robustly refuted, emphasising that he was trying to facilitate a meeting between both EBRA & HRA and Ian Dunn the Uni’s Chief Operating Officer. In that particular regard the Chair is unavailable for the first date offered and EBRA had reservations about the value of such a meeting at the present time. The key points currently were the closure of the Uni’s Service Road between Chamberlain and Salisbury roads and a resurgence of student ASB, raised by the Chair of OARA. JW pointed out that the Service Rd closure was now going to be permanent between the hours of 6.00 AM & 6.00 PM and pointed there was no formal Right of Way along the Service road and never had been. On Student behaviour he explained the Uni’s procedure for dealing with this and recommended reporting instances to both the Police and Environmental Health.

· Chair’s meeting with Leader of the Council – a report on this was circulated prior tom the meeting. JG outlined the outstanding matters he had raised but had as yet had no further response. (see reports)

· 42 Blenheim Ave – a member made a presentation of her family’s plans to build an additional house on this site. It was recommended she do the same with the OTRA Conservation group, but no one saw any obvious reason to object to her scheme.

· Reports – Finance; we were still awaiting the implementation of online banking. Once this was in places we would commence the Contingency Fund raising drive. Membership remained at 508 households overall. Planning – JG outlined a number of outstanding cases that remained unresolved in both HRA and adjoining areas. He expressed considerable frustration at the obduracy and inefficiency of the LA in not dealing with application and enforcements in a timely, appropriate or expeditious way. He highlighted the Planning Dept’s apparent refusal to decline relevant applications under Sec 70 of the revised 2011 Localism Act, to carry out Enforcements adequately and allowing an increasing number of inappropriate LDC (Lawful Development Certificates’) applications, intended to circumvent the proper planning

process. He also gave an example of a recent Inspector’s Appeal Decision refusing further Student accommodation in Nottingham, quoting Sec 50 of the NPPF. (previously circulated). Two local current application were also considered; one in Furzedown Rd and the passageway behind Portswood Rd bordering Abbotts Way.

· AOB – there was a proposal for Mince Pies and Gluhwein at our December meeting; Alison from Mayflower Court offered to provide the Pies. She also informed members of a local Dementia awareness group that met at Mayflower Court and invited members to attend.

· Date of next meeting – Monday 11th December.

Jerry Gillen, Acting Chair.


Acting Chair’s Report of the HRA Committee Meeting of Monday 9th October 2017

  • The Chair welcomed members and Ward Cllr
  • There were no matters arising not otherwise on the agenda
  • University Liaison – Jon Walsh commented on the Steps Appeal decision and confirmed that as far as the University was concerned, there was no Right of Way over the Service Road. He accepted there was considerable disquiet on the current closure of the Service Rd between the hours of 6.00 AM and 6.00 PM but stated this was for reasons of Health and Safety and perfectly within their rights.  SCAPPS, for example, were one of a number of interests considering challenging this but the Chair asked if the Uni might be prepared to convene a meeting to consider a possible negotiated compromise.  Members felt that provision for Cyclists and Pedestrians, to the exclusion of motor vehicles, might be acceptable.  Jon reported that the main opponents of the current closure were parents with children at Highfield School.
  • Rat Man – Steve Johnson reported on the unfortunate outcome of his Court Case and that this person was continuing to contravene his CPN with abandon! The Chair said he would raise this at his meeting with the Leader of the Council on Thursday.
  • Finance – The Treasurer is in the process of trying to set up online banking. The Chair stated he felt there was no point launching our fund raising campaign until this was in place.  It would be important to liaise with both the Membership Sec and Website member as part of this process.
  • Membership – in the absence of the Memb Sec there was no report but membership remains in excess of 500 households.
  • Planning – there were no new applications of concern to report. The Chair expressed his despair at the current deteriorating relationship between HRA and the Planning Dept and gave examples of the many outstanding and unresolved issues.  However, the Leader of the Council has agreed to meet with the Chair and Simon Hill this coming Thursday to discuss our concerns.
  • Website – Nadine reported that we now had six advertisements on/for the website. However, a couple of them will expire shortly so it would be necessary to contact the owners to discuss extending the term.
  • AOB- there was no AOB and the meeting closed at 8.45 PM
  • Date of next meeting – Mon 13th November
    • The Chair welcomed members and two of our Ward Cllrs, including new member Alison Titheredge the new GM of Mayflower Court. He noted the continuing absence of Cllr Savage and the Secretary was asked to write enquiring if he might be able to attend our meetings from time to time.

Jerry Gillen, Acting Chair





  • Furzedown Road, Highfield in the snow. Photo taken in the 1980s or 1990s, by Sue Allan.
  • Francis Benali opens new Play-park on Southampotn Common, 22nd October 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • New Play-park, Southampton Common Oct 2017
  • Professor Roger Brown (left), Retiring HRA Chair and Professor Peter Johnson, Centre for Cancer Immunology, AGM 20/4/2017, (photo Alison Shelly).
  • The Common Ornamental Lake, courtesy of Simon Hill, Southampton Common Forum, Jan 2017
  • Autumn colours in Crofton Close. Courtesy of Nadine Johnson, 08/11/16
  • Courtesy of Nuha Alsaeed, 14/10/16
    Highfield Campus ducks. Autumn is officially here!
  • Photo by Faye Spencer
    mallard ducks lined up in the sun on the Common, July 2016.
  • Photo by Alison Shelly, Sept/Oct 2016
  • Gill Morse - photo competition winner (2015)
    Leaving the Residents’ Gardens after playgroup in the Pavilion in 1984.
  • Roger Van Dyck - runner up in photo competition (2015)
    Uplands Housing Estate
  • Clare Jackson - Highly commended in 2015 photo competition
    Highfield Church
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A garden retreat in Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunrise over Highfield
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Portswood rec on a foggy day
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • Gill Morse (2015)
    Blenheim Avenue 1984: The Morse family having fun in the snow
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Gardens
  • John Nightingale (2015)
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • John Nightingale (2015)
    Found in Highfield
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Found on Southampton Common
  • Photo by Dr Gil Dekel, 2015
    Southampton Common
  • Photo by Alison Leslie (2015)
    Rooftop view from Blenheim Gdns to Welbeck Ave - so green!
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
    Residents Garden Pavilion
  • Photo by John Nightingale (2015)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    A community at work (Seven Roads Group)
  • Roret Blue - Highly commended in photo competition (2015)
    Sunset over Highfield (church spire on left)
  • Photos taken of Highfield from Highfield Church Spire, Autumn 2014
  • Photo by Simon Hill (2013/2014)
    Winter openness outside the University's Avenue Campus
  • Who needs the Serengeti?
    Heron on The Common, January 2014, Simon Hill
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