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HRA Committee and Members

HRA Committee

The HRA Committee meets on the second Tuesday every month at 7 pm. It may miss August if a quorum is not available. There is generally no meeting in the month in which the Annual General Meeting is held. Members of the Association are welcome to attend Committee Meetings as Observers and may be requested to provide information and advice. They can also request that an item of business is included on a Committee Meeting Agenda by contacting the Chair or Secretary at least a day in advance of the meeting. From time to time, the Committee has a Restricted Agenda where it will be a closed meeting.

  • An AGM in session
  • HRA Committee Meeting in session
  • HRA Committee Meeting in session
  • HRA Committee Meeting in session

The Committee regularly liaises with other Residents’ Associations and Community groups on Planning and Licensing, plus any other matters of mutual interest. This includes The Local Authority and other statutory bodies as required. HRA plays an active part at local level in both the North Southampton Community Forum and the Southampton Federation of Residents’ Associations, plus the UK wide National Organisation of Residents’ Associations (NORA) and the National HMO Lobby. See links above.

Our aim is to protect and preserve our area and city as a viable and sustainable community and a great place to live and work.

HRA Committee Members

Chair : Roger Brown

Treasurer: Martin Benning

Honorary Secretary & Minute Taker: Barbara Claridge

Membership Secretary: Nicolla Martin

Digital Comunications & Data Protection Officer: Nadine Johnson

Newsletter Designer: Ken Burtenshaw

Planning & Licensing: Vacancy

Honorary Life Committee Member: Jerry Gillen

Committee Member: Steve Connolly

Committee Member: Karen Edwards

Committee Member: Christine Rawnsley

Committee Member: Jayne Tamlyn

Committee Member: David White


Non-committee members:

Accounts Examiner: Malcolm White

Webmaster: Ross Gordon





  • Roger Brown
  • Martin Benning
  • Barbara Claridge
  • Nadine Johnson
  • Jerry Gillen
  • Steve Connolly
  • Christine Rawnsley
  • Professor David White
  • Ross Gordon (non-committee)