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HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp group for Highfield

WhatsApp Group Manager: Nadine Johnson
WhatsApp Group Coordinator: Lucy Nagra (a former Police Officer).

The Crime information sharing WhatsApp group for Highfield was set up by Highfield Residents’ Association in July 2020, for area representatives to share crime information across community group boundaries, in order to:

  • raise awareness and encourage greater vigilance,
  • strengthen co-operation and crime information sharing across Highfield,
  • increase reporting,
  • reduce crime.

The group shares information on crime incidents, anti-social behaviour, police responses and crime prevention measures.

Representatives are encouraged to report all crime, anti-social behaviour and suspicious incidents in their area using the established Police and Southampton City Council reporting channels (see these below). This helps to build up evidence of anti-social and criminal activity at a local level to attract the desired Police response. This, in turn, helps the police to identify patterns of crime behaviour. We have been informed by the Police Inspector for Southampton North (which includes Portswood and Bassett), that reporting will assist their approach and enable them to see when, where and for how long to increase police patrols. Reporting is, therefore, of great importance.

The group is not a substitute for reporting crime and members are actively discouraged from taking the law into their own hands.

The group currently has representatives from the community groups listed below. Representatives feed back crime information from their community groups to the Crime information sharing WhatsApp group and vice versa.

Anyone whose community group is not yet represented and would like it to be, should contact Nadine on: highfieldracomms@gmail.com.



WhatsApp group Terms of Use

Anyone wishing to join the group must first complete and return the Terms of Use here.

Participation in the WhatsApp group is considered as consenting to the aforementioned Terms of Use.



Established Police and Southampton City Council crime reporting channels:


  • Telephone 999 for an emergency



  • To report a suspicious incident which can add intelligence on a potential crime. Phone 101, use the above link, or submit a report on the link below:  Report Online






Formal Complaints procedures:


  • Making a complaint to the Police – if the response provided by email or by attending officers is unsatisfactory/inadequate

There is a dedicated process to address complaints for all residents of Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

Individual cases should be discussed through the 101 service (where supervisors are available to address complaints). This helps to identify the right department/individual concerned in order for appropriate actions to be taken ASAP.

Alternatively, additional information about complaints can be found here, including an online ‘complaint form’ to submit a written complaint: https://www.hampshire.police.uk/advice/advice-and-information/c/complaints/what-is-a-complaint/


  • Making a complaint to Southampton City Council

Select Stage 1: ‘Making a formal complaint to a service area’ using the link below, and then select the service required:



Participating community groups:

Brookvale Road
Church Lane
Crofton Close
De Grouchy Lane
Donnington Grove
Furzedown Road (links to limited contacts in: Hawthorn Rd and Oakhurst Rd)
Highcrown Street
Highfield Close
Highfield Crescent
Highfield Lane (Upper)
Holyrood Avenue
Khartoum Road
Oakmount Triangle  (includes Blenheim Ave, Leigh Rd, Westbourne Crescent, Oakmount Ave, 1-5 Highfield Road)
Omdurman Road
Portswood Residents’ Gardens (includes Abbotts Way, Russell Place, Lower Highfield Lane)
Shaftesbury Avenue (only the area of Shaftesbury Avenue between the junction of Highfield Crescent and Holyrood Avenue with Shaftesbury Avenue)
Uplands Way Estate (includes Uplands Way, Orchards Way and Glebe Court)
Welbeck Avenue (top of Welbeck to the Drummond Arms)
Woodstock Drive