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A snippet of background history to Highfield Church

A snippet of background history to Highfield Church. SEE Southampton 9tSponscoremfdh  · Highfield Church was originally a Chapel of Ease for St Mary’s South Stoneham.
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Pointout Road, Bassett: then and now….

Then (1930s) and now… SEE Southampton 9tSponscoremfdh  · A very muddy Pointout Road in Bassett in the 1930s and today.
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The Belgian War Graves plot in Southampton Old Cemetery

Bevois Mount History Southampton 2t7mdSp ronFnegbrmumdisShanirye oSahhotae 18:rfed12d  · The monument at the Belgian War Graves plot in the Old Cemetery was created by Garrett and Haysom. The graves all date from WW1.
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Changing locations in Portswood

Changing locations in Portswood! SEE Southampton YeustfteSraday SogadStp om0esr6nlc:sonod2rn6eted  · Did you know that the Mitre at Portswood was once known as the Belmont Hotel and that the police station was located on the site where Sainsbury’s store is today.
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White & Co the removers, 69, The Avenue!

Once at 69 The Avenue! SEE Southampton YeustfteSraday SogadStp om0esr6nlc:sonod0rn1eted  · White & Co. the removers. An early advert.
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A collection of historical pictures of the Avenue

A remarkable Avenue collection. SEE Southampton YeSstterodSgpaonrsyf ceidsaglgtd 06or:edeec0rl0h  · The Avenue. A selection.
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Brickworks of St Sidney Kimber and Highfield Farm

The Brickworks of Sir Sidney Kimber (before 1914) is in the picture below, on the site of what was once part of Highfield Farm, and later became part of the University Site. SEE Southampton 23 h  · Would anyone like to have a stab at were these images were taken. I don’t know the date of the horse pulling the plough, but I do know the second is before 1914. Both are the same location. Answer at...
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The Avenue c. 1850 with Archer’s Lodge on right

Hardly recognizable! Bevois Mount History Southampton YetSSpstecasenrdaygo natriefs 07S:oagauur4telde0  · Philip Brannon’s print of The Avenue c. 1850 shows Archer’s Lodge on the right hand side. The house was a ‘superior school for young ladies’ from 1881 but was destroyed by bombing in 1940.
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