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On this day in 1948, plunging temperatures turned the Cemetery Lake on the Common into a temporary skating rink

Courtesy of: Bevois Mount History Southampton On this day in 1948, plunging temperatures turned the Cemetery Lake on the Common into a temporary skating rink.
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An unrecognisable Winn Road in about 1900

Courtesy of SEE Southampton Winn Road in about 1900. The noticeably short pillar box is still there today. No insights to show     Highfield Residents’ Association Published by Nadine Johnson  ·   · A rare Mr Fish (Michael Fish) tie was found in Age UK Portswood. It is
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Must look out for this sign in Winn Road!

Courtesy of: Rosalind MartinSouthampton history photos During lockdown, I encountered a man who was renewing this stone street sign by chiselling out the letters, which had become somewhat eroded and unclear. He said that he was doing it voluntarily because years ago he had promised an elderly lady living nearby that he would try to keep the sign looking good. Does anyone know any more about...
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The Friends of Portswood Library Summer Evening Talks 2024 are already lined up! See programme below

Starting March 13 with Godfrey Collyer – ‘Southampton and the Titanic’. Free and all welcome. Info courtesy of Friends of Portswood Library.
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When Portswood was a village – in 1450

Courtesy of: SEE Southampton A MAP FROM 1450 The boundary marker stones are shown.
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Article courtesy of the Daily Echo, 5th January 2024: The official opening of Glen Eyre School in Bassett, 1962

Remember what stood where Cantell School is now? 5th January Nostalgia Southampton By Ian Crump Group Heritage Writer   In the town of Southampton – as it was back then –  a school with a unique concept was established more than 60 years ago. Separated by the actual structure of Glen Eyre School itself, the girls embarked on their educational journey on one side, the boys on the...
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Here’s the reason for the concrete wall round part of Highfield School…..

Courtesy of: SEE Southampton Have you ever wondered why part of the wall to the schools playground in Church Lane is made of concrete? If so this is the answer. 95 years ago in December 1928, following a heavy storm, a 36ft section of the stone wall came crashing down onto the road. Rather than rebuild it in stone it was decided they would instead use concrete.
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Highfield Lane 1910 – then and now

The before and after. Note the horse and cart! Photo courtesy of: Southampton Hidden History Highfield Lane 1910
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