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Historical background to Castle Lodge, 324 Portswood Road

Some interesting background to Castle Lodge, 324 Portswood Road, from Bevois Mount History. The Lodge is all that remains from Portswood House which was demolished in 1852. Keith WillsherBevois Mount History Southampton Castle Lodge, 324 portswood road is all that remains from portswood house being demolished in 1852 Portswood House c1800 Built by Giles Stibbert, a retired General in the East...
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St Agnes Church which once sat in Portswood Road, by William Burns

This is another fascinating, in-depth historical account by William Burns of Southampton Sotonians and Friends, about St Agnes Church which once sat in Portswood Road. William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends St Agnes Church – Portswood Road, and its first Vicar The “Sanctuary” in Portswood Road Once again in my neck of the woods I find another topic that little has been...
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The history of Highfield Mansions, which later became Highfield Hall

Highfield Mansions, which later became Highfield Hall in 1914 as a part Hall of Residence of University College Information provided courtesy of William Burns through the Southampton Sotonians and Friends (SS&F) Facebook Group: This view from the SS&F archives, dating to around 1902-1907, is of the Westside (front) of what were called Highfield Mansions. The house and its occupants...
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Some historical insights into a few roads in our area.

Southampton Hidden History HIGHCROWN STREET / MEWS, Portswood was just Crown Street on old maps. Maybe it was changed to avoid confusion with Crown Street in Shirley? HIGHFIELD AVENUE / HIGHFIELD LANE. The name Highfield presumably indicates this was the most elevated of Portswood’s common fields. In 19th-century directories, the name was applied to the houses on the east side of the...
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More historical info from Bevois Mount History on who is buried in Southampton Old Cemetery

Bevois Mount History Southampton Many former mayors of Southampton are buried in the Old Cemetery. This is the grave of Hector Young and his wife. He was mayor in 1929, a local J.P. and Freeman of the City of London – I wonder what he did to be awarded that honour?
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Interesting historical suggestions from SEE Southampton regarding the origins of the gateposts leading to Portswood Residents’ Gardens.

SEE Southampton These gateposts are at the Abbots Way entrance to the private gardens. I was once told that they came from Ogle House in the Above Bar but they do not match. I recently read in the Hampshire Field Club’s article on the Country Houses of Southampton that they actually came from Portswood Lodge.
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The Gallows, Southampton Common

Inspired by the Bevois Mount History walk on Southampton Common yesterday, SEE Southampton has posted a historical account of the gallows in Southampton, originally written in The Echo. According to the article, the Ordnance Survey map of South Hampshire for 1810 has the site of the town gallows marked at the very top of Southampton Common and close to Burgess Road. Also, the last person to be...
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From the Hartley Institute to the University of Southampton

SEE Southampton This house (Picture 1) belonged to Henry Robinson Hartley, (1777-1850), a wealthy eccentric who was raised in Southampton and maintained an affection for the town. Hartley left money in his will for the establishment of a cultural institution in Southampton. He intended that the new institution should be established in the house. However, the bequest committee decided that the...
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