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How areas of Southampton got their names

Courtesy of the Daily Echo: How areas of Southampton got their names: https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/…/20051186.areas…/ Look for Hampton Park! dailyecho.co.uk https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/news/20051186.areas-southampton-got-names/?fbclid=IwAR3rSkzHsESrOICeRmFRMHsjA4jJ8U9cYD7C_SZbPeJpxvrXaSLuquErvxg How did the area you live in get its name? Jack Wilson Takes another look at areas of...
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Highfield Church in 1876; a recently discovered picture!

Courtesy of Ashton Rayner from Southampton Heritage Photos: Ashton RaynerSouthampton Heritage Photos NEW PHOTO! this is a NEVER SEEN BEFORE recently discovered picture showing Highfield Church in 1876 with coach & horses, long before cars    
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Looking south along Portswood Road (towards Portswood) around 1918

Courtesy of William Burns from Southampton Sotonians and Friends: A while back, we had a view looking north along Portswood Road, around 1917. This time, we are looking south along Portswood Road (towards Portswood) around 1918. Quite a story. William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends   Portswood Road Good folk in Portswood Road This view is looking south along Portswood Road around 1918...
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Portswood Road (looking North) at c1917 – an in-depth historical account

This is an excellent historical account of Portswood Road (looking north) at c1917, courtesy of William Burns of Southampton Sotonians and Friends. William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends Portswood Road c1917 looking North The fighting men of Portswood Road. In this view a man with a empty handcart is about to leave the southern end of Portswood Road and head down Bevois Hill, a steep...
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University of Southampton – Materials testing helps conserve icon of British maritime history

Engineers at the University of Southampton are working with the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRN) to help find the best materials to ensure Nelson’s flagship, HMS Victory, is weatherproof and watertight for the next half century. The University’s nC2 engineering consultancy has specially designed and is running a series of tests to assess the long-term performance of a range of paints,...
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FOSOC have been focusing on remarkable women of Southampton Old Cemetery, to mark International Women’s Week. What a good idea!

F Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery – fosoc For the next few days of this year’s International Women’s Week, we are honouring the memory of remarkable women of the Southampton Old Cemetery. Janie Terrero (1854-1944) Janie was a militant suffragette who, as the Hon. Secretary of the Women’s Social & Political Union (WSPU), was imprisoned and force-fed (for which she received the...
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This article appeared in the Daily Echo a while ago but gives a good account of the ‘Beyond Graffiti’ project and how it came about.

The Avenue underpass in Southampton has been a graffiti site for over 30 years, originally being set up by youth workers in the 1980s to harness the creativity of young people as part of the ‘Beyond Graffiti’ project. More on this story below! https://www.dailyecho.co.uk/…/19944459.community…/
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Courtesy of William Burns, Southampton Sotonians and Friends: the Easter Fair on The Common in the 60s!

William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends Fair from the Air Southampton Common and its traditional Easter fair seen in the swinging 60’s when thousands of folk would flock to the Common for a great day out.
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