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Some WW2 history of Portswood Road, courtesy of Southampton Memories: People and Places

  Southampton Memories: People and Places Alec Bennett’s, motor-cycle dealer, on Portswood Road after a direct hit during the Blitz in the early 1940s.
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The Daily Echo is asking – Would you like to see the Balloon and Flower Festival / Southampton Show return?

The Daily Echo is asking if you would like to see the Southampton Show return and is conducting a reader poll (see below). This was a 3-day event held on Southampton Common; the history of which is below. In 1947, the annual Southampton Horticultural Show and fete began being held on Southampton Common. In 1952 it was renamed the Southampton Show. In 1988, the show transitioned into the Balloon...
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Interesting link of the Dr Barnado ‘Ever Open Door’ to 7, Brookvale Road (courtesy of Jim Dunstan from Southampton History Photos)

Jim DunstanSouthampton history photos On August 11th, 1902, Dr Barnardo opened an ‘Ever Open Door’ receiving house at 128 Above Bar, Southampton. … By 1939, the Ever Open Door was located in a house known as Pevensey at 7 Brookvale Road, Southampton. 0 comments     Add a Donate button Add a donate button to your post to raise money for a charity, and we’ll take...
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The Southampton Show in 1975 on Southampton Common! Courtesy of Bevois Mount History.

Bevois Mount History Southampton i1s7t SeSppgtemonbenfrrln satur 1r3:adu15  · I recently came across these photos which were taken on the Common as part of the Southampton Show in 1975. They were part of an exhibition of 60 years of feminine art and progress at Tate Britain. The photos show scantily dressesd girls pretending to be horses doing dressage. Can anybody suggest what point they were...
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Whose Coronation is Coronation Ave on The Common named after?

Anyone know? SEE Southampton Coronation Avenue on the Common but whose Coronation?
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A new stone dedicated to the many souls in Southampton Old Cemetery who sadly have no grave markers…..

Bevois Mount History Southampton A new stone at Southampton Old Cemetery and a lovely gesture by an anonymous member of the Friends of Southampton Old Cemetery.
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Some history of Taunton’s College, now the site of The University of Southampton’s Avenue Campus

Here is some interesting background and photos about Taunton’s School courtesy of Brian Veck, Southampton History Photos. In 1969, Taunton’s College became a Sixth Form College for boys called Richard Taunton Sixth Form College. It started admitting girls in 1978. In 1989, it merged with Hill College and chose to refurbish and occupy the Hill Lane site. In 1993, the University bought...
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In 1927 the historic Cowherds Inn was owned and run by the ‘People’s Refreshment House Association Ltd (PRHA)

“In 1927 the historic Cowherds Inn was owned and run by the ‘People’s Refreshment House Association ltd’ (PRHA)” Get to know more about the historic Cowherds Inn in the 1900s from William Burns of Southampton Sotonians and Friends William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends The Cowherds c1927 “it didn’t catch on” What better, than on a lovely...
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