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Anyone remember the Albany Hotel in Winn Road?

Courtesy of: Maz PooleSouthampton history photos   The Albany Hotel, Winn Road. The place, at one time for a dinner dance or a lunch date.
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Trams, omnibuses and The Avenue

This is an interesting piece from William Burns of ‘Southampton Sotonians and Friends’ on Corporation workers removing tram lines from The Avenue in the late 1940s. He says that omnibuses had replaced the antiquated tram system and there was no need for the old tracks other than the salvage of metal which had its price after the war. More on this below! Courtesy of: William...
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Portswood over 50 years’ ago!

Portswood over 50 years ago! Photo from Maz Poole in Southampton History Photos Maz PooleSouthampton history photos Portswood in 1970. 0 comments    
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The changing face of Portswood. Once there were trams outside ‘Trago Lounge’!

The changing face Portswood… Courtesy of: SEE Southampton An interesting post card showing the Junction in Portswood. Hodges store is now Trago Lounge and in the background you can see the Tram Depot. 0 comments    
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Southern Counties Dairies on the corner of Portswood Road and Highfield Lane

Spot the signage! Courtesy of: SEE Southampton Southern Counties Dairies on the Corner of Portswood Road and Highfield Lane. The signage is still on the building.
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The New Inn, Portswood Road – a historical journey

The New Inn – Portswood Road. Williams Burns, from Southampton Sotonians and Friends, takes a historical journey. Courtesy of: William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends Southampton Pubs and their Landlords The New Inn – Portswood Road The first image is of ‘The Newlands’ public house at 597 Portswood Road, a pub that myself and younger brother visited on our Friday...
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1900s Fairground family waiting to go on to Southampton Common

With the Southampton Fair on The Common, here is a picture of members of the ‘Matthews’ fairground family, in the early 1900s, waiting to go on to Southampton Common. Picture by Joyce Crutcher, courtesy of William Burns from Southampton Sotonians and Friends. Courtesy of: William BurnsSouthampton Sotonians and Friends As we near the traditional time of a fair on the common we share...
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Art with a Portswood connection

Courtesy of William Burns, Southampton Sotonians and Frends: George Washington Sandell (1852 to 1945), who painted this picture entitled ‘SS Titanic’, held by Southampton City Museum, lived with his wife and children at various locations around the town and from at least 1901 to 1920, George was living at number 63 Portswood Road (a house called ‘Highclere’) sitting on...
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