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Rag week for students in the 1950s, lying down!

This 1950s photo shows students from University College Southampton with a novel approach to collecting for Rag day – lying down! Courtesy of the University of Southampton/SEE Southampton Southampton Stories 1t7 MaSrsrncaha aelSpontd sg1n5eo:orttgr5u7led  · Did you know that Friday 19th March was World Sleep Day? This year’s theme is ‘Regular Sleep, Healthy Future’. We don’t...
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Plaque and tree dedicated to Jack Mason at Southampton Municipal Golf Course

Dedicated to Jack Mason, golf professional for 40 years at the Municipal Golf course off the Avenue. Courtesy of SEE Southampton. SEE Southampton 1t7 MaSrsrncaha aelSpontd sg1n5eo:orttgr1u1led  · Plaque and tree dedicated to Jack Mason. He was the golf professional at Southampton Municipal Golf Course for 40 years from 1935-1975. He also ran an indoor golf school in the Inner...
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Bevois Mount History photo of The Common paddling pool, late 1940s

Once lockdown is lifted……..! Bevois Mount History Southampton YelstreltiridSapey onasft ahic0sc8:trsoi0rS5edo  · On the Common, looking towards the paddling pool in the late 1940s
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A good picture of the Cowherds

SEE Southampton ltiSp5onshorned  · A nice postcard of the Cowherds. It will be good to see it open again. Let us hope it is not too long.
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Do you remember Alec Bennett’s in Portswood?

SEE Southampton t3Spdonsohreemd  · Do you remember Alec Bennett’s in Portswood? Did you know he was a famous and very successful Isle of Man TT racer?
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A lucy box in Westridge Road!

Didn’t realise there was a Lucy box in Westridge Road! SEE Southampton 5ig MtaarcShSfpcon uiaats Safo19rlr:0e3Sufdc  · A Lucy box spotted in Westridge Road today. These were part of the distribution system when Southampton Corporation owned the electricity supply.
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New blue plaque at 122 Avenue Road

A new Bevois Mount plaque at 122 Avenue Road for Benjamin James Thomas, 1st class saloon steward on the Titanic, 1881-1937. Bevois Mount History Southampton The latest addition to the Bevois Mount plaques is at 122 Avenue Road. Thanks so much to Dal for putting it up, and many thanks to the lovely family who own the house and financed the plaque.
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Anyone remember when the boating lake on The Common was used for model boats?

Southampton Commons & Parks Protection Society – Scapps ntSpontso7redfh  · Water is always an attraction. People sitting round the Boating Lake on The Common watching it refilling. It’s drained in Winter & refilled for Spring Anyone remember when it was used for model boats etc?
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