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Minutes of Portswood PACT (Police and Community Together) Meeting, 6.30pm: 21 May 2024 at Portswood Church

Click on the link below: Minutes Portswood PACT Meeting 21.05.24 Here are some notes to elaborate on a few aspects of the above Minutes: The meeting was interesting, although attendance was low with only 7 members of the community, two of whom were members of the HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp Group. Cllr Finn also attended. PC Adam O’Neill, Dedicated Officer for Portswood, Bassett...
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Minutes of PACT (Police and Communities Together) Meeting: 6.30pm, 27 February 2024

Here are the Minutes of the above which was held in Portswood Church, Portwood: Portswood PACT 27. 02.24
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Police and Community Together Meeting (PACT), 6.30pm, Tuesday 27 February 2024, Portswood Church: Notes on handling of CCTV footage, and the community speed gun programme (ncj)

On the panel: Francesca Prior – SCC Community Engagement Manager, Malkeat Singh – Community Engagement Officer, PC Adam O’Neill – Community Engagement & Liaison Officer, Portswood, Swaythling and Bassett Councillors Finn, Savage, Reynard and one Councillor from Bevois Valley were in the ‘audience’.   This is mainly a note of the two questions I raised...
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Report to Inspector Brian Goodall for Police Liaison Meeting: 1pm, Monday 6 February 2023

See Report in the link below: Report to Inspector Brian Goodall on the HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp Group for Highfield – Updated 5.02.23
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Crime prevention meeting: Monday, 28 February 2022

Informal notes were taken by Katherine Barbour (Lead WhatsApp Group Representative for Grosvenor Road and Nadine Johnson (HRA Digital Communications Officer and Lead on the HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp Group for Highfield) and combined into one set of notes, as follows: Crime Prevention Meeting Monday 28 February 2022  
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