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General advice: always report domestic violence to the Police, phone 999

General advice on domestic violence An issue has arisen on our street; a potential serious domestic has been witnessed twice in the middle of the night. Lots of details including names of parties  and offences, witnessed. The advice from someone who knows the family was to not call  police and to let the families deal with it.  This is dangerous advice although I understand some may not...
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Suspicious problems with stolen milk in Highfield Lane

Reported: 21 May 2022. A neighbour to our WhatsApp Group representative, on Highfield Lane, had their milk snatched. A person with their hood up and back to the camera but who had a very distinctive and bright turquoise coat, is caught on camera stealing the milk. Milk mysteriously turns up beside our Representative’s bin and they do not have a milk delivery! A polystyrene milk holder...
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Theft from car on Welbeck Avenue

Victim left door unlocked on night of Saturday 7 May. Contents ransacked and strewn everywhere. Thief came away with only 4 p and 20-30 spikes from a cactus growing in a cup holder at the front…
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Man trying car doors at 5 am on Sunday 8th May 2022 in Donnington Grove

Two neighbours have CCTV footage of a recognisable man trying car doors at 5 am on Sunday 8th May 2022 in Donnington Grove. TheWhatsApp Group representative has urged them to report this to the Police.   Note on the above, reported on Tuesday 10 May 2022 One neighbour did send the Police the CCTV footage and they said they might use it if there was a report of a...
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Concerning video in Ripstone Gardens shown in Next-Door social media platform

Report on Saturday 7th May 2022 that Next-door social media platform included a video showing a man in gloves approaching the house of 2 female students in Ripstone Gardens who had just entered the property. He retreated when he noticed the camera and covered his face. Description of man: bald, in his 30s. Next-door also included the victim’s account. One of our representatives, who is a...
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Update on April 27th 2022 warning on the 2 scam incidents outside Waitrose

Further to the above, one of our HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp group representatives spoke to Waitrose Security, who said there had been quite a few these incidents. Security confronted the man mid-scam and took a photo of him, and shared this with the Police. Hopefully,  he will not be back….
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Troubling incidents. Witness appeal following 2 car robberies; thieves took car drivers also: 1 am, 4 May 2022

  Witness appeal following Southampton car robberies These are a couple of really troubling incidents. Courtesy of Hampshire Alert/Hampshire Police: Did you witness cars being stolen in Southampton at around 1 am on 4 May? A group of men stole a turquoise Audi A1 (69 plate) from Cemetery Lane and a black Jaguar F-PACE v6 (12 plate) from Alma Road while the drivers were inside the vehicles....
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Car and garage broken into in Highfield Lane

Nothing taken, although the car was well examined, but tge padlock to garage was removed and turned up beside the bench on Highfield Lane. Reported on 3 May 2022.
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