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New political map for Southampton City Council: see changes to Portswood Ward

The independent body – The Local Government Boundary Commission for England has published final recommendations for ward boundary changes in Southampton, to ensure councillors will represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements will help the council work effectively. It proposes that residents should be represented by 51 councillors, which is an increase of three...
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Consultation on The Local Government Boundary Commission draft proposals for new ward boundaries in Southampton, including for Portswood Ward. Consultation closes on 18 July 2022.

For Portswood Ward, the new boundary draft proposals essentially mean that the ward boundary will move about 200m southwards. Councillor John Savage has kindly written a piece for HRA detailing some of the proposed changes for Portswood Ward and also providing background information to the draft recommendations for Southampton. Click here to read it:...
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Consultation on Local Government Boundary Commission Review draft proposals – this affects Portswood Ward!

Councillor John Savage, Councillor for Portswood Ward, explains the Local Government Boundary Commission’s draft proposals in more detail below, and how they will affect Portswood. The Consultation closes on 18 July 2022: Due to an increase in the population of Southampton particularly in the city centre, the Boundary Commission has recommended: an increase in the total number of council...
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Have your say on Southampton City Council’s Ward Boundaries: Public Consultation to 31 January 2022

  Have your say on our ward boundaries The Local Government Boundary Commission for England are asking local people and organisations for their help to draw up new ward boundaries across Southampton. A public consultation is ongoing and ends on 31 January 2022.  
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