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Some interesting information about Southampton Common

Southampton Common is the largest of Southampton’s open spaces at 365 acres, with the first written record dating back to 1228 although it is possible that the area’s status as a common, dates back to the town of Hamwic around 500AD. More background info on The Common below! Hampshire Archives Trust Non-profit organisation Hampshire Archives Trust 3 h  · #FridayFact Did you know that Southampton...
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Any idea where this is in Portswood?

Any idea where this is in Portswood? Could it be Grosvenor Road? SEE Southampton 1t0cr SgNgovetmSsmcpsbonSssnosrner aeet etS20id:40o  · Just walking along the streets in Southampton it is quite interesting to see the wide range of architectural features on the houses. I was particularly impressed by this doorway in Portswood.
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Highfield Church (or Christ Church Portswood) in 1900

Highfield Church (or Christ Church Portswood) in 1900 when Portswood was a village! Built in 1846/47 and consecrated in 1847. The architect, Joshua Brandon, died before the Church was completed, and is buried in the churchyard. More below. SEE Southampton 8tS NoupuvoembdnercSS agrteuh sno10nrc:c0esgdhr6se  · 1900 Highfield Church, Portswood. Christ Church, Portswood, more often called Highfield...
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Dead from torpedoed HMHS Asturias in WW1 buried in Southampton Old Cemetery

HMHS Asturias was a hospital ship in WW1. She was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1917 and 35 people died; most of them buried in Southampton Old Cemetery. Bevois Mount History Southampton tSSp8 SohNovemnbesrn scait 0l9dmo:gr0edcoiglhto7m  · HMHS Asturias was a hospital ship during WW1. She visited mainly French and Mediterranean ports, bringing back sick and wounded, often many more than she...
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1968 along The Avenue

Very much a 60s photo! Bevois Mount History Southampton matnelSp5 oNovrembnsneroa rrealmt 1n2:fatier3dgS9  · From the 1968 Southampton handbook.
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The old Southern Counties’ Dairies Co Ltd sign in Portswood!

The old Southern Counties’ Dairies Co Ltd sign in Portswood! SEE Southampton mtS5ponfsfsor2med  · The Southern Counties’ Dairies Co Ltd
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Sir Sidney Kimber, who helped shape modern day Southampton, was born in Highfield on 5 November 1873.

Sir Sidney Kimber was born on 5 November 1873, in Highfield. He was Mayor of Southampton from 1918 to 1920 and then made an Alderman. He helped shape modern day Southampton. He was the driving force behind the Civic Centre and also established Southampton Municipal Golf Course – hailed as the best in England. After his marriage, he lived at Oakdene, at the corner of Welbeck Avenue and...
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Fair on The Common – 1910

Lots of activity! SEE Southampton fS2 NdtSpmolfatovnemsboroseSer adit 0e4mo:c4merc1  · Fair on the Common in 1910.
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