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The Albany Hotel which used to be in Winn Road

Used to be in Winn Road… Bevois Mount History Southampton The Albany Hotel opened in 1925 as the Stafford House Hotel.
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Some local Highfield history about R J Mitchell who died of cancer on this day in 1937.

SEE Southampton RJ Mitchell died of cancer on this day in 1937. His Spitfire plane first flew from Eastleigh in March 1936. His house in Russell Place, Highfield has a blue plaque on it. The film The First of the Few (1942) saw Mitchell being played by Leslie Howard.
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Photo showing the opening of the Highfield campus in 1919

It is, or was, in the window of Building 40 – West Building (which includes the Old Refectory and part of the Students’ Union). SEE Southampton This photograph is in a window at the University and shows the opening of the Highfield Campus in 1919.
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Portswood Lodge and its relationship to Abbotts Way

Courtesy to SEE Southampton Interesting background to Abbott’s Way, named after William Abbott, and which was built on part of the site where Portswood Lodge used to be located. The Lodge was demolished in 1923. SEE Southampton 3iSultSi1cS gMpoaynsdo roat relgfe20:3ed2o  · William Abbott was the owner of Portswood Lodge from c.1847-57. He appears to have been a retired military man, a...
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Reginald J Mitchell, born on this day in 1895..

The blue plaque is at 2, Russell Place. SEE Southampton 33 m  · On this day, Reginald Joseph Mitchell (1895-1937) was born in Staffordshire. He is best remembered for designing the iconic Supermarine Spitfire. His house in Portswood has a blue plaque.
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1624 – the first recorded mention of a house on the current site of the Cowherds

Quite a history. Bevois Mount History Southampton 2tsSuponso1sghrhed  · This day in 1624 saw the first recorded mention of a house on the current site of the Cowherds.
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Photo of Bevois Mount mural of Stag Gates taken by Ken

Photo taken by Ken of the Bevois Mount mural of Stag Gates, on the wall of the Bitter Virtue in Alma Road. Quite a magnificent piece of art and history.
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