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Prisoners of war in a compound situated near to or where IKEA is now situated

Picture provided by Ken of prisoners of war in a compound situated where or near IKEA is now.
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Definitely a more rustic Highfield!

According to a comment from Raylene Poppleton on this Facebook post by See Southampton, “the original was found with several other old paintings and photographs in the sacristy of Highfield Church a few years ago. It’s a very small work. It was photographed for the HighfieldHistory website before it went back into storage. A few years later they weren’t in the same place when trying to...
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Some interesting aerial shots of Portswood over the years, courtesy of the Daily Echo

Includes The Common with the Cowherds on the edge of Portswood, 2011. Aerial image of Portswood, taken in 1961   Aerial view of Portswood Road taken May 6th, 1950 Portswood Road 1967 Gordon Avenue and Alma Road, Portswood in 2006 dailyecho.co.uk PHOTOS: Five INCREDIBLE shots of Portswood from the air through the years Portswood is a busy part of the city, familiar to many locals. Although,...
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The first horse drawn tram routes in Southampton ran to Portswood

The first horse drawn tram routes in Southampton (circa 1879) ran between the Floating Bridge and The Avenue and via Stag Gates to Portswood. Info courtesy of SEE Southampton. Marie Keates 7ntSponsohreodh  · On 5 May 1879 the Southampton Tramways Corporation ran it first horse drawn trams. For the first time people in the suburbs had a regular, fast and cheap form of transport and trams were an...
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The post card says ‘Old Portswood….Nr Southampton’!

SEE Southampton chdYretsStnpeugrdolanyg aot fthfi11sgor:ae5doc7  · Portswood Road.
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A historical view of Highfield Lane taken from the Portswood end

Courtesy of SEE Southampton. SEE Southampton chdYretsStnpeugrdolanyg aot fthfi11sgor:ae5doc5  · Highfield Lane and church.
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The old Highfield Hotel

Highfield Hotel was bombed in WW2 and rebuilt set back from road. SEE Southampton YmeSsterday aotSotffSrf 0o6p:oihoanoSsforge4dn7h  · The Highfield Hotel in Highfield Lane.
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An old picture of Highfield Lane looking towards the church

Thanks SEE Southampton for the Highfield views this morning. SEE Southampton 14 h  · Highfield Lane looking west towards the church.
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