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Portsmouth set to extend HMO Licensing Scheme in bid to improve standards and counter ‘rogue landlords’

From ‘The News’ Portsmouth: Portsmouth set to extend HMO Licensing Scheme to thousands more homes. Members of its cabinet approved a consultation on the introduction of a new ‘additional licensing’ scheme which will extend the current system to cover three- and four-bed houses in multiple occupation. More in the article below:...
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Reporting a noise nuisance

Courtesy of Southampton City News: Noisy neighbour fined £1,000 and how to report a noise nuisance On Friday 14 May 2021, a resident at Edinburgh Court in Regents Park Road was fined £1,000 at West Hampshire Magistrates Court after failing to comply with a noise abatement notice. Southampton City Council’s Environmental Health Service received complaints about noise coming from a flat in...
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Japanese knotweed

Recently an HRA member had contacted the secretary to report Japanese knotweed in a local garden. The knotweed is an invasive species and if the plant remains in that garden, nothing has to be done by law to eradicate it.  However, if the weed spreads onto any other garden, the public highway or the wild, then the property owner is responsible and would bear costs for its removal. This is The...
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HRA’s evidence to the investigation of Permitted Development Rights by the House of Commons: 22 April 2021

  HRA’s evidence submitted to the investigation of Permitted Development Rights by the House of Commons Select Committee for Housing, Communities and Local Government. HOUSE OF COMMONS PDR(1)
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Gorillas’ Licence Application – ‘Blockbusters’: 133 Portswood Road

Licence application: 2021/00762/01SPRN Gorillas Blockbuster Licence Application HRA Statement
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Please report any adverse comments/threats against the Highfield House Hotel to the police, details below

HRA has just received a call from Hampshire Police concerning threats made against the Highfield House Hotel. Many of you will know that it is currently housing Asylum Seekers as part of a contract with The Home Office.  It seems there has been some adverse comments made on Social Media, including against the hotel itself, sufficiently serious that the Police are now investigating. You are asked...
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HRA’s response to the Government White Paper Consultation: ‘Planning for the future’

Over the past month, HRA has submitted lengthy and detailed responses to three current consultations: the Government’s proposals for changing the current planning system, the White Paper ‘Planning for the Future’, and the Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee inquiry into the planning system. In summary, whilst we welcome some aspects of the...
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