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Minutes of Portswood PACT (Police and Community Together) Meeting, 6.30pm: 21 May 2024 at Portswood Church

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Minutes Portswood PACT Meeting 21.05.24

Here are some notes to elaborate on a few aspects of the above Minutes:

The meeting was interesting, although attendance was low with only 7 members of the community, two of whom were members of the HRA Crime information sharing WhatsApp Group. Cllr Finn also attended. PC Adam O’Neill, Dedicated Officer for Portswood, Bassett and Swaythling, was on the panel.

Speed watch programme


This relies on community volunteers. PC Adam O’Neill is happy to train volunteers in the community to use the speed gun equipment to catch motorists speeding. He would set it up and work closely with the community throughout. The information captured would then be passed to the police who can proceed with education/enforcement. Anyone wishing to set up a speed watch programme in their area should contact PC Adam O’Neill directly: adam.oneill@hampshire.police.uk

The appointment of a Shoplifting Officer

This new role has been created in the Portswood Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) and the designated officer is now in post. This is a single point of contact for businesses on the High Street. The role is from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these times, shoplifting is covered by the Portswood NPT normal weekend shift patterns.

A forum for businesses was held at Portswood Police Station recently to share concerns, evidence and how to proceed in future. Many business representatives attended. Instead of calling 101, etc. many businesses now have radios and can transmit direct to the Police Station. The Shoplifting Officer also has a radio so businesses can contact him/her directly.

The police were congratulated on this good initiative.


Questions from the audience

These have all been documented in the Minutes. One of my questions was investigated and responded to after the PACT meeting, as follows:

Question – Incident of bike theft outside the Post Office in Portswood High Street; there had been no feedback on whether the incident was recorded on the City Council CCTV nearby.

Answer – PC Adam O’Neill responded promptly after the PACT meeting. It appears that the victim of crime did not report the incident. As such, it was difficult to justify playback and extraction of footage from the City Council CCTV due to GDPR / data protection related criteria that must be met.


Parking – joint operations

Following an action point from the previous PACT meeting, the police had been put in contact with the SCC Parking Enforcement Team and are now working closely with them on parking enforcement and will continue to do so.


Hampshire Alert – the Constabulary’s own email service where messages are sent directly into people’s mailbox

This has had a revamp and people can now reply directly to the messages received; these replies go to the neighbourhood team for their area. The database has also been refined to include people’s addresses and their concerns, where these have been provided and consent given. People will now get communications relating to their area and also that respond to any concerns they have raised, eg if someone reports dog fouling in Lodge Road, they will get messages that are related to such issues.

The police are encouraging people to sign up to this two-way messaging service by completing the Hampshire and IOW community survey  Let’s Talk: