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More background and photos of Bealings Nursery in Bassett which supplied the liners sailing from Southampton with potted plants and flowers. The ships had a gardener who was responsible for watering and looking after the plants!

Southampton Stories

4 d  · This week we are looking at Bealings nursery in Bassett, which supplied cut flowers and potted plants to several ocean liners every week during the summer from the 1890s till the 1960s. The plants would be packed and transported by the nursery staff, who would also carry the crates onboard and distribute the plants throughout the ship under the direction of Mr Bealing himself. During the voyage, the ship’s gardener was responsible for watering and looking after the many plants. When the ship returned to Southampton, the Bealings staff would refresh or replace the floral displays as necessary. The nursery employed around 25 people, who helped produce plants and flowers all year round, from the outdoor flower beds or from the one acre of glasshouses.